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Thanks to all of these great organizations for supporting our mission to share and celebrate the joy of vegan food, to connect vegans all over the world, and to encourage people it’s easy to start eating vegan!

For press inquiries, please contact media [at] yummyplants [dot] com.



Pittsburgh Today Live vegan

March 18, 2014       Pittsburgh Today Live features Yummy Plants, how eating vegan can help to eliminate chronic joint pain, and includes a cooking demo of our dairy-free “cream” of broccoli soup!





                      February 26, 2014    Yummy Plants and Vegan Pittsburgh were featured                      on the NPR radio show Essential Pittsburgh!  Learn how to find vegan                          restaurants in Pittsburgh and the health benefits of eating vegan.



March 3, 2012            Presentation at the festival, Yummy Plants 101: Easy Transition Tips for a Vegan Diet.  Watch the video!



                   December 12, 2011   We were mentioned in VegNews Magazine!



      November 19, 2011   Evolutionary Man shares health tips from the            Yummy Plants site and gives the guys some encouragement for               going vegan!


     November 16, 2011   Disarray Magazine offered holidays tips and         suggestions from our new Thanksgiving Recipes section!


September 8, 2011   Diets in Review featured the story of Yummy Plants founder, Rebecca Gilbert, and how she healed by switching to a plant-based diet.


May 10, 2011   Our friends at I Eat Grass shared the word about our new “Things I Don’t Eat” lists to help us make it easier to communicate our dietary restrictions.


  February 17, 2011   This was our first article! The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covered Yummy Plants shortly after we launched the website.


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