Veganissimo A to Z – Win A Free Copy!

Veganissimo A to Z – Win A Free Copy!

Win a free copy of Veganissimo A to Z  A Comprehensive Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Ingredients of Animal Origin in Everyday Products by Reuben Proctor and Lars Thomsen from The Experiment book publishing company!  Deadline to enter is Friday, March 22 at 12:00 midnight PST.  

Here’s how you can to enter to win:

1) Share our Facebook OR Google+ status about winning a copy of Veganissimo.
2) Comment on this article.

See complete official rules at

Veganissimo A to Z is a fabulous new resource for anyone looking to live a 100% plant-based lifestyle.

Vegamissimo A to Z contains information on animal-derived ingredients that lurk in food and other products—such as diet supplements, medicine, cosmetics, cleaning products, clothes, sporting goods, art supplies and electronics.

Praise for the book:

“Complete with introductory comments about the scope of the work, a section on the nuances of product labeling, vegan alternatives, and glossary, this is an invaluable guide for vegans who are attempting to become veganissimo: vegan to the highest possible standard.”
Library Journal

“Since voting with our dollars is indeed the easiest way we can each directly impact suppliers, I see Veganissimo A to Z as a way to further arm each of us with the knowledge we need to live our lives in harmony with our ethical beliefs. And for the new vegan, or heck, even the not-yet-vegan who is well on their path and calls themselves an “animal lover,” this book could be a real eye-opener, and an accessible way to begin to eliminate cruelty from their lifestyle for good.”
Our Hen House

“Those new to a plant-based diet (and the Vegan Police) will be pleased with Veganissimo A to Z, a new guidebook with more than 2,500 detailed descriptions of animal, mineral, chemical and plant-based ingredients, along with their uses and alternative names to help readers quickly identify whether or not the long, confusing words on food packages indicate “vegan” or not. Veganissimo, which means ‘as vegan as possible,’ also includes extensive references, the best of which is a guide to the various ‘certification’ logos that appear on products and packaging.”

You can learn more about The Experiment Publishing on Twitter and on their website:

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I added yummplants on facebook,twitter and pintrest. I also shared the contest on google+. I am 16 and a new vegan and would love to win some yummy healthy things and learn more about this way of life.


Great book idea. Would love to have a copy so that when I’m at the supermarket I know in advance which products not to buy- and thus stop supporting these companies. Would also be a great vegan birthday gift! :-)


This looks amazing! I’d love it!


Really hope I win the book.


Would love to read!!!!

Awesome promotion! Thanks for sharing with the community!


Can’t wait to read this book :-) Thank you YP!


I certainly wouldn’t mind winning this!


I hope I win this, lest I be picked up by the Vegan Police! :heart: :cow: :heart: :chicken2: :heart: :chicken:

This is a great giveaway. Best of luck to everyone.

So nice of you to offer this publication to someone for free! :-)

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