Win a Free EZ Tofu Press!

Win a Free EZ Tofu Press!

What a great giveaway for the holidays: Win a free EZ Tofu Press!  Eliminate messy towels and plates with this handy dandy tofu press.

EZ Tofu Press can press virtually all sizes of firm and extra firm tofu. Pressing can be achieved in 15 minutes or less. Easy to clean- small, compact, dishwasher safe, and fewer parts to break.

Learn more about the EZ Tofu Press inventor, Ben Aron and the EZ Tofu Press Facebook page. Follow Ben on Twitter at @benzelben and his video channel on YouTube.



Deadline to enter is Saturday, December 12th 2015 at 12:00 midnight PDT. Just tell us your favorite tofu dish in a comment to enter to win.

Winner will be contacted by email on Monday, December 14, 2015. Please make sure to register with an accurate email address so that we can contact you. Good luck!

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tofu in mole sauce!


I absolutely love BBQ tofu! I also love adding small cubes of it into any stir fry I make.

I love to make Mongolian Stir fry with my tofu ! Sweet , tangy and full of protein !


I love my tofu dip … Tofu, cilantro, sea salt, & lemon juice with chips


Hard to choose- scramble of course, sliced and baked for sandwiches and chocolate mousse


Vegan Cubanos! Hot, pressed bread with pressed tofu, spicy mustard, vegan cashew cheese and pickles. So delicious!

Coconut curry is a runner-up


I like to put tofu in my stir fry


I am a huge fan of orange tofu, specially during the winter. When it’s dreary outside and you just want a splash of color and citrus this dish is the way to go. Lightly fry the tofu in a bit of corn starch and whatever veggies on hand and you’ve got a relatively healthy comfort food.


My favorite tofu dish is probably spring rolls with sauteed tofu and cabbage, carrots and radish. I also love a good salad with steamed tofu.


Tofu scramble is my favorite but I love fried tofu in a red Thai curry sauce over rice.


Hmmmm, hard to pick one, but I guess it would be Thai tofu curry! I season the tofu before I sauté it with onions and garlic! Then add coconut milk and simmer! Add spices and serve over rice or noodles!! Yummmmmm


I love it baked, fried, or as tofu eggless salad. Yummy!


Hands down my favorite tofu dish is Tofu Scramble. It’s very versatile. You can use any vegetables you have sitting around to add flavor and nutrition to this very satisfying dish.
I started making tofu scramble after watching a cooking demo by The Vegan Drag Queen, Honey LaBronx!


I like baking or frying cubes of tofu to add texture and using them in Stir-fries or curries, or freezing for a crumbly texture and adding taco seasoning for tofu tacos!
The baked cubes are also great as a snack if you add some flavor to them.


Tofu scramble, breakfast sausage and homefries.

Karen D

Homefries with tofu from The Horn of the Moon Cookbook by Ginny Callan


thai drunken noodles woth tofu!

Reply to  peevishpeaches

Buckwheat soba noodles with kale, diced pan seared tofu, arame, garlic ginger and black sesame seeds, dressed with toasted sesame oil. Mmmmmmm! I may have to make some now!

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