Vegan Tours of Italy!


I love to travel! So when I learned about the new vegan tours of Italy through Vegan Tour Italiano in partnership with Green Earth Travel, I wanted to learn more! I spoke with Donna Zeigfinger of Green Earth Travel to get the inside scoop.

YP: Donna, so you have TWO vegan tours of Italy! One tour focuses on the Amalfi Coast with Julieana Hever and the other to the Puglia region with Miyoko Schinner… Fabulous! What can participants expect to enjoy when they book with Vegano Italiano Tours?

DZ: Participants can expect a one of a kind vacation with a vegan lifestyle in mind. Guests will not have to ask is there cheese in this?! Many people associate Italy with cheese, meat balls, and veal parmesan… but that is Italian American food. Italian cuisine is full of beans, greens, vegetables and fruit. In southern Italy, most people only eat meat on Sunday or special occasions, so traditionally the dishes are vegetarian and vegan.

YP: You have very cool vegan hosts on these tours: Julieanna Hever, author of The Vegiterranean Diet, for the Amalfi Coast and Miyoko Schinner, author of Artisan Vegan Cheese and founder of Miyoko’s Kitchen, for Puglia. What are the roles of the hosts? And how much interaction can the guests expect?

DZ: The hosts each bring something special to the table. Julieanna will be focused on summer fun and fitness, taking full advantage of the beautiful weather and terrain of the Amalfi Coast. She will also be giving cooking demo and hands on instruction.

Miyoko, is coming in the fall, wine season! Her tour is foodie focused with almost daily cooking demos. tastings, or a lesson. It’s really all about the food and wine. Both hosts will be touring with the group as well as dining each day.

YP: Finally, what’s coming up next on your agenda? Any new tours planned for 2017?

DZ: More Italy of-course then some new destinations in Europe, but we’re really excited about more US, Canada and South America vegan travel in 2017. Green Earth Travel  is also working with a vegan river cruise company to cruise the Rhine in April and South of France in October.

YP: Wow, Donna, it sounds like you have some terrific travel destinations lined up for us. Thank you for all that you do to make vegan travel easy!


Rebecca Gilbert is the author of It’s Easy to Start Eating Vegan and the founder of Yummy Plants. Travel is her passion. After visiting Antarctica several years ago, she completed her voyage to all 7 continents.





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