Vegan Cruising

vegan cruise


Vegan cruising, YES you can!

With the vegan lifestyle growing in popularity, the travel industry has responded. There are now many cruise lines offering vegan food.

How can you make sure you have the best possible travel experience? Do your research in advance. Call your travel agent, call the company directly, and look for reviews saying that a cruise line provided good vegan food for its customers.

It’s helpful to actually ask the cruise line ticket agent: do you have a separate vegan menu? Do you have many vegan guests? Note: even if a cruise line doesn’t have a special vegan menu, they may still be able to offer a variety of wonderful vegan meals and sometimes gluten-free meals too! Cruise lines are used to dealing with dietary restrictions, and vegan meals are becoming more common each year.

The best way to make sure that you’re choosing a good vegan cruise is to check the reviews. If you know that there were happy vegan passengers in the past, then you’re likely to be satisfied as well.  Happy vegan cruising!

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