Easy Vegan Yogurt

Easy Vegan Yogurt

Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook, author of The Cultured Cook, shares her simple vegan recipe for easy vegan yogurt! Michelle has crafted a recipe that eliminates the straining curds from whey process. It’s quick, easy and delicious.

Speaking about simplifying the process, Michelle says, “While it still takes several hours for the probiotics to proliferate, giving yogurt its signature tangy taste, in a mere few minutes of actual prep time you can make your own yogurt.”

This easy vegan yogurt recipe is excerpted from the book The Cultured Cook: Delicious Fermented Foods with Probiotics to Knock Out Inflammation, Boost Gut Health, Lose Weight & Extend Your Life. Copyright © 2017 by Michelle Schoffro Cook. Printed with permission from New World Library.

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World’s Easiest Yogurt

Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time1 min
Total Time16 mins
Servings: 1 quart
Shared by: Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook


  • 3 cups raw unsalted cashews
  • 2 cups filtered water
  • 1 probiotic capsule or ¼ teaspoon probiotic powder
  • Pomegranate arils seeds or pitted frozen or fresh cherries for garnish (optional)


  • In a medium glass or ceramic bowl with a lid, combine the cashews with the water, and pour in the contents of the probiotic capsule (discarding the empty capsule shell) or the probiotic powder. Stir the ingredients together until combined.
  • Attach the lid, and let sit for eight to twenty-four hours, depending on how tangy you like your yogurt.
  • Puree the ingredients in a blender until smooth, then return the yogurt to the bowl. Garnish with pomegranate arils or cherries if desired, and enjoy immediately, or refrigerate for up to four days.

Hope you enjoy this easy vegan recipe!

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