Type-2 Diabetes: Positive Effects of a Vegan Diet

Type-2 Diabetes: Positive Effects of a Vegan Diet

Thanks to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for sharing this information about a Vegan Diet and Type 2 Diabetes. For more information about health topics related to a plant-based diet, visit the PCRM website.

For those with type-2 diabetes, a vegan diet can be a life saver.  A medical study conducted in 2006 by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), George Washington University, and the University of Toronto demonstrated that a low-fat vegan diet is more effective than the standard diabetes diet for those with type-2 diabetes and may be more effective than some types of drug therapy.   More than 20 million Americans have diabetes.

The PCRM finding that a vegan diet is a healing diet offers diabetics and their physicians an important tool for managing the disease.   Neal Barnard, M.D., lead researcher, PCRM president, and adjunct associate professor at George Washington University noted the positive results.   “The diet appears remarkably effective, and all the side effects are good ones—especially weight loss and lower cholesterol.  I hope this study will rekindle interest in using diet changes first, rather than prescription drugs.”

The PCRM website offers a wealth of diabetes support including cooking videos and classes, nutritional information, a diabetes tool kit, recipes, and information about local community programs.  To learn more about PCRM’s diabetes resources, start here: https://pcrm.org/health/diabetes-resources.

This site does not provide medical or legal advice.  This Web site is for informational purposes only.

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Thanks again to Dr. Neal Barnard and PCRM for sharing this information with the Yummy Plants community! For more information about vegan health topics, visit Dr. Neal Barnard’s blog.

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I started Barnard’s plan back in mid 2009. It worked initially, lost weight, blood sugar dropped, etc. As of early 2011 the vegan lifestyle doesn’t seem to be working. Can’t lose weight and my BLS is rising. Anyone have any thoughts or has anyone experienced this?

Kathleen Banning

WOW!!!!just what I need!THANKYOU!!! (:

zesty vegan

Awesome article, I wish this information was more readily available to the masses or they were more open-minded about searching out this important medical information.


I agree… I have used this diet along with homeopathy to reverse my T2 diabetes. Today I am medication free and I can also eat foods that would normally spike my blood glucose levels and not have the same spike as before.
My HBA1c fell from 9.7% to 6.2% ( borderline range).

wendy melillo
Reply to  Mohamed

I also agree. I went from a 14% A1c to 5% by going vegan. As a bonus my cholesterol dropped 100 popints! I am am off alll my meds and have lost 90 pounds. Go vegan!

Reply to  wendy melillo

I have seen the positive effects of a vegan diet in regard to my diabetes. With exercise, I have lost over 40 pounds, I am off all of my medication (diabetes, high cholesterol, & high blood pressure). Way to go Mohamed & Wendy!

Deborah Roth
Reply to  wendy melillo

That gives me hope. My A1C is 10-11 now. I’ve been trying to adjust to all the fiber on the vegan diet. How quickly did A1C’s take? I am hoping to see huge improvements within a month or 2. Also, I plan to work out for about an hour 6 days/week. Thanks

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