Vegan Cooking with Color: Fresh Herbs + Color = ZING!

Vegan Cooking with Color: Fresh Herbs + Color = ZING!

Are you looking to add some zing to your favorite plant-based meals? A pinch of fresh parsley or rosemary can make the ordinary taste extraordinary. Combine fresh herbs with veggies that have an unexpected color, and you have a winner every time.

Add some excitement to your standard vegan meals with purple parsley potatoes or or a tri-colored tomato salad.  Summer’s super sweet sun gold tomatoes, mixed with purple and cherry tomatoes are delicious and make a great vegan party dish! Just slice tomatoes in half and add fresh basil, olive oil and salt. Party tested and approved.  Your guests will love them!

You may not be able to find these bright and beautiful tomatoes at your local store, but you’ll likely be able to find them at your local Farmers’ Market or as a surprise in your CSA box. (It’s always amazing that we can find 10 different kinds of onions, lettuces and tomatoes at the Farmers’ Market and just 1 or 2 at the store!)

Try and keep fresh rosemary, basil, parsley and cilantro on hand to add zing on-demand to any ordinary dish. Show us your favorite veggie medley and post a photo of nature’s technicolor treats!

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