Vegan Brands: A Supplement to It’s Easy to Start Eating Vegan

It’s such an exciting time to be a vegan. There are new brands popping up every day! The stock your vegan pantry section of the book lists common vegan brands that are widely available in stores throughout the US. Since new products are being added all the time, I created this page to help give you the most up-to-date list of vegan brands.

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Enjoy the adventure! :)
Rebecca Gilbert


Vegan Brands: A supplement to Rebecca Gilbert’s book, It’s Easy to Start Eating Vegan!


Vegan Dairy

  • Butter:
    Earth Balance, Miyoko’s Kitchen, Nutiva, Spectrum (shortening, for baking)
  • Cheese:
    Daiya, Field Roast, Follow Your Heart, Go Veggie, Heidi Ho, Kite Hill, Miyoko’s Kitchen, Treeline, Vtopian Artisan Cheeses
  • Creamer:
    Calafia, Silk, So Delicious Dairy Free, Stonyfield Organic
  • Ice cream:
    Almond Dream, Cashewtopia, Coconut Bliss, Nada Moo, Rice Dream, So Delicious Dairy Free, Tofutti
  • Mayonnaise:
    Earth Balance, Fabanaise, Just Mayo, Vegenaise
  • Milk:
    Almond Breeze, Calafia, Dream, Earth Balance, Edensoy, Elmhurst, Engine 2, Good Karma, Living Harvest Tempt, Organic Valley, Pacific, Silk, So Delicious Dairy Free, Westsoy
  • Sour cream and cream cheese:
    Daiya, Follow Your Heart, Tofutti
  • Whipped cream:
    CocoWhip, Soyatoo (soy and rice base)
  • Yogurt:
    Daiya, Silk, So Delicious Dairy Free, Stonyfield Farm O’Soy


Mock Meats

  • Beef:
    Beyond Beef, Boca, Field Roast, Gardein, Match
  • Chicken:
    Beyond Meat, Boca, Gardein, Match, Morningstar Farms*, Tofurky
  • Pork:
    Field Roast, Lightlife, Match, Yves
  • Seafood:
    Match, Sophie’s Kitchen

* Morningstar Farms makes both vegan and vegetarian products. Check the package carefully for egg or milk ingredients.

Dressings and Sauces

  • BBQ and Ketchup
    Annie’s BBQ, OrganicVille
  • Salad Dressing:
    Annie’s Naturals, Bragg, OrganicVille
  • Soy Sauces:
    Bragg Liquid Aminos, Coconut Secret Raw Organic Vegan Coconut Aminos (soy-free “Soy” sauce), San J Tamari Soy Sauce

New vegan brands and products are popping up every day. It’s an exciting time to be a vegan!

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