Pearls Come in Shades of Olive

Pearls Come in Shades of Olive

by Shandel Gilbert

What a find!  Pearls Olives To Go.  These four-packs of delicious, pitted, moist olives are perfect for snacks, lunch bags, or handy salad and sandwich toppings.  They are non-GMO and gluten-free.  Olives To Go offers a variety of options:  sliced California ripe, Kalamata Greek,  Spanish green stuffed with pimento, and large California black.

Packed with Vitamin E and minerals, olives are satisfyingly rich in taste while they are low in calories and saturated fats.  According to, there are only about 25 calories in four large California ripe olives and about 2.5 grams of fat.  Seventy-five percent of the fat in olives is monounsaturated – the good fat.  Olives are cholesterol-free.

Check out the The Musco Family Olive Company’s website for the facts and fancy of olive lore and some terrific main dish recipes.


Shandel Gilbert, otherwise known as mom, started out as a writer in fourth grade and has been telling stories ever since. In a long career, she has served as a news reporter, feature writer, columnist, magazine editor, publisher, and English/reading teacher in high schools and universities. Shandel won a children’s writing award for her Letterbug newsletter. Currently the director of The Readers and Writers Workshop in Pittsburgh, Shandel is an enthusiastic vegan, a friend to animals large and small, and an environmental advocate. Her philosophy: Green is good: go Yummy Plants!




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