Gluten-free Green Pea Pasta by Felicia Organic

Gluten-free Green Pea Pasta by Felicia Organic

I found a new high protein pasta: Gluten-free green pea pasta by Felicia Organic! This gluten-free pasta is made in Italy, holds its shape, and is a solid gluten-free pasta option.

What does it taste like?

The flavor is very neutral, which I like. Just like wheat pasta, this green pea pasta flavor is subtle, so that the sauce or fresh herbs can be the star of the show.

I paired it with fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, Treeline cracked pepper cashew cheese, salt, pepper and olive oil. I could taste the peppery bite of the basil mixed with the sweetness of the tomatoes. The pasta was a background player, holding the other flavors :)

gluten-free green pea pasta

Here’s what I like about this gluten-free pea pasta:

  • This gluten-free pasta is produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility, which makes it safe for Celiac patients.
  • High protein: 11g per 2oz serving! (That’s 23% of the daily protein needs, according to US RDA.)
  • High Fiber: 5g per 2 oz serving! (That’s 20% of the daily protein needs, according to US RDA.)
  • It’s organic, which keeps pesticides out of the groundwater.
  • The only ingredient is organic pea flour, so it’s a super clean product.
  • All energy used comes from renewable sources!

Note: the texture for this organic green pea pasta (gluten-free) is very different than traditional wheat pasta. It’s a much denser pasta product. I like the solid texture, but I was surprised. It’s gluten-free, high fiber and nutritious. Make sure you’re prepared that it’s a different texture than the fluffier wheat pastas.

Where can I buy it?

I got this organic green pea pasta at my local co-op. But after searching the Felicia website, I realize it may be difficult to find in the US. I checked Amazon, and I found Felicia gluten-free red lentil pasta and another Italian brand of gluten-free green pea pasta.

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