Gardein Breakfast Sausage

Gardein Breakfast Sausage

I was looking to spice up my breakfast and pleased to find these vegan breakfast sausages from Gardein! They cook up in just a few minutes and make an easy protein-packed addition to any meal.

I added one to my waffles this morning. Yum! (Paired with Nature’s Path chocolate chip waffles and Miyoko’s butter.)

vegan Nature's Path breakfast waffle with gardein vegan sausage

Here’s what I like about these kosher, non-GMO Gardein vegan breakfast sausages:

  • They have 6g of protein per patty (that’s as much as an egg!)
  • They have only 70 calories* per serving. (If cooked without oil.)
  • They have the right texture, mouth feel, and spice palatte that mimics traditional sausage.
  • They’re quick, easy, and delicious!

*Note: I cooked this vegan sausage patty in a ceramic pan, so I didn’t need to add any oil :)

They’re available at most grocery stores and you can also buy them online through Amazon.