Annie’s Cashew, Sesame and Pimento Spread

Annie’s Cashew, Sesame and Pimento Spread

by Aurelia d’Andrea

Annie’s Non-Dairy Spread is a mealtime game-changer. This light and creamy concoction—made with simple ingredients including cashews, red bell pepper, and nutritional yeast—is not only absolutely delicious, but amazingly versatile. You can use it as a dip for veggies, a bread spread, a taco topper, or a sauce for pasta. Feeling even more adventurous? Try it stuffed inside enchiladas, spooned over a baked potato, or heaped atop a crunchy rice cake. Be forewarned: It’s addictive! If you dare, look for Annie’s Spread at a Whole Foods Markets in the refrigerator section.


aurelia d'andrea

The recipe for a happy life, according to Aurelia d’Andrea, calls for one part great food, one part travel adventure, and two parts companionship (human and animal, in equal measure). She’s living out her kitchen-inspired credo in San Francisco and Paris, France.

Aurelia’s new book, Vegetarian Paris, is now available for pre-order!







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Hi, Do you have the nutrition facts on the Cashew, sesame & Pimento spread? Thank you

Reply to  cyndiemme

Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, I don’t. Best to check the company’s website.

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