Accidentally Vegan: Skittles and Swedish Fish!

Accidentally Vegan: Skittles and Swedish Fish!

Swedish Fish are a childhood favorite. These red, fish shaped candies are chewy, cherry flavored, and delicious! When I eat them I think of sitting in the grass at the local-team baseball games in July. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy them as an adult!

Skittles are my movie-time favorite. Some of you may be thinking, “Skittles are not vegan,” but they are now! Sometime in 2010, Wrigley stopped making Skittles with gelatin! I literally jumped for joy when I newly discovered Skittles. For me, Skittles and popcorn are best friends, and movies just aren’t the same without my two best friends!

These two great treats are available at grocery stores, pharmacies, movie theatres and convenience stores.  The packaging doesn’t list that they are vegan… but they are!


Jessica Earhart runs a vegan dessert company, Iron Betty Sweets, based in Pittsburgh, PA.  Jessica is a vegan foodie.  She makes gourmet and health conscious vegan foods and is dedicated to teaching people how yummy vegan meals can be!


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I’m sorry, but no, Skittles will never be Vegan so long as they are from the same company as Mars. Mars has been guilty of abusing animals by using unethical tests on them.

(Here’s one of the claims of the past; )


Skittles are most definitely not vegan. They contain palm fruit oil, which is often sourced in an unsustainable manner from tropical rainforests in Indonesia, which clear vital habitat for endangered species such as the orangutan. I suggest you look through all the ingredients before deeming something “vegan”.


some one once told that the dyes in Swedish fish, and most red drinks and even cough syrup is the same dye they put in meat…so if your sensitive to that be careful

Alex S

Skittles are not vegan because Mars tests on animals. We shouldn’t support companies who murder innocent animals. There is no reason for them to continue to do this. It’s disappointing. For a minute I thought I could eat Skittles again.
So they may not contain any animal products but they are not vegan.

rusty walker

What about the e120…….


The only reason some consider skittles not vegan is mars still tests on animals, so they avoid their products. I’m glad they are gelatin free now. Its about time


still doesnt make it healthy; or even close to it…


Wow, I had no idea either of these were vegan! Thanks! :)

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