Vegan Chocolate Chips by Sunspire!

Vegan Chocolate Chips by Sunspire!

Do you miss real chocolate in your vegan chocolate chip cookies?  Are you having trouble finding vegan chocolate in your area?  I found Sunspire Chocolate Dream baking chocolate chips. They’re a solid option for all of the super yummy cookies in the vegan recipes section, and also for the delectable “Dairy-Free, Wheat-Free Chocolate Pie with the ‘Live’ Macadamia Nut Crust” – YUM!

Sometimes I eat them mixed with walnuts as a good old fashioned snack!   (I’m eating walnuts several times a week after reading The Harvard School of Public Health article that a handful of nuts several times a week can reduce your risk of cardiac arrest by 30 – 50%.)

I found these vegan chocolate chips at Whole Foods. I couldn’t seem to find this specific brand online at Amazon, but I did find Enjoy Life baking chips online (in a 6-pack) through Amazon.

Glad there are dairy-free chocolate chips available for all of us!

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