Accidentally Vegan: Rite-Aid “Simplify” Kettle Corn!

Accidentally Vegan: Rite-Aid “Simplify” Kettle Corn!

I was at Rite-Aid and found this Accidentally Vegan kettle corn!  Rite-Aid’s Simplify kettle corn is just like you remember: fluffy popcorn with the perfect blend of salty and sweet caramel flavor.

It was so super yummy that I triple checked the ingredients, and the sweet coating is made with vegetable oils and sugar (no butter).  They’re not even using high fructose corn syrup – yay!!! (Note: the ingredient information is accurate at the time of this post. Please check the ingredients before you purchase.)

It appears to be Rite-Aid’s private label brand, so you should be able to get it at Rite-Aid stores throughout the US.  What a lucky Accidentally Vegan find!


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This is awesome and im eating it right now. But one of my concerns…. is the corn organic or a GMO byproduct. There is too much controversy regarding corn/GMO. I was trying to find out who to contact for this. Do I write to Rite Aid directly????

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