Accidentally Vegan: Double Dark Chocolate Wafer Bars from Q.bel!

Accidentally Vegan: Double Dark Chocolate Wafer Bars from Q.bel!

It’s an all-natural, no high-fructose corn syrup love story… have you tried Q.bel’s Double Dark Chocolate Wafer Bars?  I discovered these tasty vegan treats a few weeks ago and loved what I read – and tasted!

The “bel” in the Q.bel company is named after the founder’s wife “Isabel.”  Isn’t that adorably romantic?  (And the “Q” is for quality food ingredients).  These vegan chocolate wafers have no high-fructose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils, and no artificial ingredients, and they don’t use any preservatives.

Now, let’s talk about the taste… these Double Dark Chocolate Wafers were 100% absolutely O-M-G yum. The wafers were crunchy, the chocolate was rich and creamy, and the portions were perfect.  I had a nice vegan chocolate snack and felt happy – rather than exhausted from a sugar high!   I ate this in the summer time on the Northern Hemisphere, so the chocolate started melting on my fingers a bit as I ate the wafers.  The chocolate was sooooo yummy, that I wouldn’t even let myself waste a bit.  No napkins for me!  I had to savor every last bit of this vegan chocolatey deliciousness.  It was too good to waste!

I found these Double Dark Chocolate Wafer Bars at the Whole Foods Market in Pittsburgh.  You can also purchase Q.bel Double Dark Chocolate Wafer Bars online through Amazon.

Note: as far as I can tell, this is the only flavor they make that is vegan.  The other dark chocolate bars have milk fat.


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