Accidentally Vegan: Gnocchi!

Accidentally Vegan: Gnocchi!

Accidentally Vegan: Gnocchi  – Food Review. I share Vegan food that tastes good! Find more vegan products that are #YummyPlantsApproved!

The Italians do a lot of things really well: Pizza, wine, and pasta, for example. And gnocchi! These little oval dumplings, when done right, have a light, fluffy quality and subtle flavor that marries well with marinara sauce, pesto, or a simple drizzle of sage-infused olive oil. Traditionally made with potatoes, flour, and little else, they are a hungry vegan’s dream food. Here in France, packaged gnocchi is available in most supermarkets, including Carrefour, whose house-brand boasts a short ingredients list that includes flour, potatoes, sunflower oil, and salt. Don’t have a Carrefour near you? Look for the vegan-friendly De Cecco brand on Amazon and in many North American grocery stores.

Shared by Aurelia d’Andrea

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