A Cut Above:  Enterprising Vegans, Jill and John

A Cut Above: Enterprising Vegans, Jill and John

Adventurous entrepreneurs Jill and John have found their niche: developing businesses to serve the growing vegan market and support other vegan enterprises. 


In 2010, they created their first venture, the Vegan Backpacker blog, a blog to help vegans find food and fun around the world.  The duo spent a year traveling the highways and byways of North America, South America, Europe, India, and Africa to discover, explore, and document the resources they found, blazing a path for other vegan adventurers.

As Jill explains in the blog, “Our goal is to show people that vegans can travel anywhere and eat delicious meals inspired by local cuisine.”   Today the site is an encyclopedia of travel tips, restaurant reviews, product reviews, and destination information.

In early 2011, Jill and John started Vegan Cuts, a site featuring weekly online deals for vegan products.  “At the time, other daily deal websites had few specials of interest to the vegan community so we decided to start our own website that would cater to the veg lifestyle,” Jill said.  “We had no idea it would attract such a large community, and are constantly overwhelmed with all the gratitude and support the vegan community shows us.” After a year of offering one deal per week on an interesting vegan product, Vegan Cuts recently launched the Vegan Cuts Market.  The market is an online shop for all things vegan: food, clothing, body care and more. It offers ethical, natural, and whole foods products.  “We want people to not just eat vegan but to also shop with vegan ethics,” Jill said. “We’re dedicated to making it fun and easy for people to shop vegan, whether they’re buying food or a new outfit. We’ve published a whole bunch of resources about shopping vegan on our blog.

Jill had some advice for other entrepreneurs: “Find a gap in the marketplace and fill it.  Build alliances and reach out to others in the vegan community because there is so much talent and passion there. Partnering and sharing skills with others leads to success.”

Jill and John, thank you for sharing your adventures with us!  You’ve shown us how to travel the world and introduced us to fabulous products to fill our backpacks.  We wish you great success with the Vegan Cuts Market!  Your success contributes to the success of the whole vegan community.  Thank you for leading the way.

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