NuGo Nutrition Celebrates 10 Years of Yummy Vegan Foods!

NuGo Nutrition Celebrates 10 Years of Yummy Vegan Foods!

Have you even been stuck at an airport and hungry but couldn’t find anything vegan to eat?  You marched from one refreshment area to another – to the drumbeat of a growling tummy – looking for that elusive morsel, a vegan snack.   Fortunately, those days are over and vegan travel has become easier!  We discovered NuGo Nutrition’s protein-rich bars, one answer to our cravings for a vegan treat that’s good for us and good to eat.  Many airports now carry NuGo Nutrition’s protein bars!

NuGo Nutrition is the brainchild of  Keith Rohrlick and David Levine, two health-conscious runners from Pittsburgh, who found that the energy bars they were eating during training failed the taste test. Ten years ago the entrepreneurs decided to start their own company and launch the NuGo brand of delicious protein bars.

Today NuGo Nutrition is thriving and its products are widely distributed in grocery stores, health food stores, and airports nationwide  The company makes eight categories of protein bars and markets them as “lifestyle” bars.  Most of the bars are diary free and meet the dietary restrictions of diverse groups.  NuGo bars come in gluten free, soy free, vegan, peanut free, organic, sugar free, pareve, and low-glycemic varieties.   Each bar fits several categories:  For example, NuGo 10 is raw, gluten free, peanut free, pareve, and vegan.  NuGo Nutrition is proud to say that all its chocolate bars are made with “REAL dark chocolate,” high in antioxidants.   The NuGo bars contain brown rice, soy, and whole grains.  They don’t contain trans-fats, vegetable fats, or hydrogenated oils.   NuGo bars are treats that treat us right.

Thank you NuGo Nutrition for making our travels SO much easier – and yummy!  
To order bars online or find a market that carries the brand, go to the Nugo Nutrition website.

 Team NuGo last year at the Pittsburgh Marathon!

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