Compassion Couture: Vegan Sisters with a Passion for Fashion

Compassion Couture: Vegan Sisters with a Passion for Fashion

Are you looking for high-quality, fashionable, sustainable, non-leather accessories?  Try Compassion Couture (  The online site – created by sisters Jill and Tracey – showcases vegan shoes, handbags, and accessories.  Enthusiastic vegans and animal advocates, Tracey and Jill launched their online store in September 2011 to meet the needs of sophisticated shoppers who wanted stylish products which harmed neither animals nor the environment.

When asked if it’s difficult to find products which are both vegan and well-made, Jill replied, “They’re out there but it takes some searching.    In order to make it easy for consumers, we have brought the products together in one spot.”

Jill added, “We have been so excited that cruelty-free fashion has been a growing market.  Vegan items such as Olsenhaus shoes, Matt & Nat purses/accessories, and Cornelia Guest handbags can be found in mainstream department stores.  The number of brands has grown exponentially. The vegan brands emphasize quality materials and incorporate sustainability into their practices,” Jill said.  Love Is Mighty shoes and Sheila Odessey handbags are two new additions to the Compassion Couture shop.

Jill and Tracey hope someday to have a brick and mortar store as well as the website.  However, at the moment, they are working hard to develop their online store and do the marketing necessary to reach their target market and to create a strong customer base.  The vegan/vegetarian/environmentally–conscious community has been supportive and enthusiastic.

Tracey and Jill are proud to have been able to start a business that contributes to positive change.  When asked what advice they have for other vegan entrepreneurs, this was their response:  “Be patient!  It takes time to build a business, but this is the right time to be starting a vegan business. The number of vegans is growing and the number of mainstream consumers who want quality, non-harmful products is also growing.”

We LOVE your vegan shoes!  They are so sexy, trendy, and 100% compassionate to our animal friends.  Thanks Jill and Tracey for having the passion for fashion that led you to start Compassion Couture!

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