Accidentally Vegan: Fortune Cookies!

Accidentally Vegan: Fortune Cookies!

We all deserve a bit of good luck, and now we can read our fortunes and have our cookies too!

I found vegan fortune cookies after my meal last week. Several years ago that I could never eat fortune cookies because they always contained eggs.  What a nice surprise it was to find that fortune cookies, at least in some places, are now vegan!  If you’re out in a restaurant, I definitely urge you to check the ingredients on the back though, just to make sure.

In case you love fortune cookies so much that you’d like to keep a stash on-hand, I did find vegan fortune cookies online through Amazon.  I discovered that the Golden Bowl vanilla and citrus flavors are vegan.  (The Golden Bowl chocolate flavor isn’t).  Fortune cookies can be great conversation starters for parties… I think I see Golden Bowl fortune cookies in my future!

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