Accidentally Vegan: Alter Eco Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Bar!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is….  Alter Eco Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate Almond Bar!!

Shared by Rebecca Gilbert



Alter Eco’s single source vegan chocolate bar is OMG good.  This rich and creamy vegan chocolate bar is packed with roasted organic almonds!  Just one taste and I was in love…

But aside from the satisfying creaminess and crunch, this chocolate bar also helps to accomplish good things in the world.  Alter Eco has certified that these super yummy vegan chocolate bars are made with fair trade chocolate from the small scale farmers of the El Ceibo cooperative in Bolivia, which means that your purchase of this vegan chocolate actually helps to benefit 800 families in the Bolivian part of the Amazon!

I found this vegan dark chocolate almond bar at Whole Foods.  But it looks like you can also buy their products online directly from the Alter Eco website or at many different chains including  Whole Foods,  Wegmans, Giant, Wild Oats, Nugget Markets, Earth Fare, Mother’s Markets, Jimbos, Sprouts, New Leaf, Andronicos, Mollie Stone’s, Draegers, Safeway Canada, Select NCGA Coops, as well as many local independent retailers.

Wow, what a fulfilling way to satisfy my chocolate cravings – and make a difference in the world. Thanks Alter Eco for making these amazing vegan chocolate bars and for helping people in the Amazon region!


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