Win a Year’s Supply of Free Pizza from Amy’s Organics!



October is National Pizza Month!  Win a year’s worth of free vegan pizza** from Amy’s Kitchen!   

**Winner will receive 12 coupons that are redeemable at any supermarket for a free vegan pizza.

Deadline to enter is Thursday, October 31st at 12:00 midnight PST. Here’s how you can to enter to win:

1) Share our Facebook and/ or Google+ status about winning a free vegan pizza from Amy’s Kitchen.
2) Comment on this article to let you know that shared.

See complete official rules at

87 Responses to “Win a Year’s Supply of Free Pizza from Amy’s Organics!”

  1. ElllPeee says:

    We love out Amys, shared on facebook

  2. moorevegan83 says:

    I shared it on FB!

  3. moorevegan83 says:

    I shared it!!! :)

  4. Darlene says:

    shared on facebook… thank you

  5. goodywitch says:

    Shared on facebook! I love me some pizza :) I didn’t even know Amy’s made a vegan pizza, so excited.

  6. cpoulsen says:

    I just shared this on my facebook page! Please pick me! I love Amy’s and Daiya!!!!

  7. indianainline says:


  8. joshpaaark says:

    shared on facebook!!

  9. mysticmajix says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  10. tperlmutter says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  11. myowntomato says:

    i have shared this feast with the people i know on facebook and on google+ !

  12. dalores says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  13. cherylp3 says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  14. mothergooch says:

    I shared on facebook.

  15. indoubleyousee says:


  16. gibara says:

    Shared, Greg Ibara

  17. ssmuong says:

    Just shared! user Sean Muong :D

  18. angelicar says:

    Posted on my facebook, user Angelica Re.

  19. zooeypix says:

    I shared on facebook!

  20. ftwilight says:

    Shared all the things!

  21. margot says:

    shared on Facebook! :D

  22. sorceo says:

    I shared this on Facebook! You can’t win unless you try, right?

  23. venek says:

    I done Facebook-shared!

  24. MsReclusivity says:

    I shared this with the Google+ master race. All your base are belong to us.

  25. kyotijess says:

    Shared! Thanks for the chance to win, I LOVE Amy’s pizza!

  26. rcognition says:

    Shared that post and looking forward to a year of free Amy’s Kitchen vegan pizza.

  27. frankM says:

    i need me some free pizza!

  28. SaritaBear says:

    I shared it! I’m so excited about this; I love Amy’s stuff!!

  29. robxvx says:

    I have shared it!!!! I need pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  30. FeatherLeif says:

    Shared on my facebook page, same name ~ Good luck to everyone :)

  31. britta__perry says:

    Shared! :)

  32. shayesays says:

    Shared! Yum yum gimme some….PIZZA!

  33. ohhenry599 says:

    I shared it! :)

  34. alexlikesapples says:

    I have shared on my facebook account!! WOOOOO!

  35. FlintSkygod says:

    Shared it.

  36. Ultimateoceans says:

    shared on fb

  37. mobilediesel says:

    Shared on facebook!

  38. KeyGunTheVegan says:

    shared it on the Facebook

  39. Ivette M. says:

    Shared! (:

  40. DrGermsRx says:

    Shared! :D Who wouldn’t love free pizza for a year??

  41. Jaimekaya says:

    Shared! My stomach and I would be way too happy to win this.

  42. sungtong says:

    Pizza pizza pizza

  43. veggienerd says:

    shared!! Love Amy’s pizza!

  44. run_clevergirl says:


  45. mistress_of_seitan says:

    Shared :)

  46. maynarj says:

    I shared on Facebook. :)

  47. maynarj says:

    Shared on Facebook. We love Amy’s pizza :)

  48. alyssah123 says:

    Liked and shared on facebook! I love Amy’s products!

  49. Danyelle C. says:

    liked and shared on Facebook:) I have never tried Amy’s Pizza but have wanted to for some time this would be a great time!:)

  50. MaggieB says:

    I’ve shared on FB. Would be easy to eat a pizza every month. Hope it happens.

  51. dmeadz says:

    Free pizza? For a year? Yes please! I’d like to try the margherita pizza. I haven’t seen it anywhere near me.

  52. Nicole F. says:

    Shared! And it’s funny that they consider 1 pizza per month a “year’s worth”. They clearly don’t know how often I like to eat their pizza! ;)

    By the way – note that their “Soy Cheeze” pizza contains casein, so you should specifically look for this vegan Daiya pizza or their roasted veggie one (which doesn’t contain any cheese). Both are delicious!!!

  53. amv says:

    Pizza for a year? Hell yea! Shared.

  54. dcollier says:

    Shared on facebook.

  55. ejohnson says:

    I want a year of free pizza! (I shared the contest on FB.)

  56. LauraStone90 says:

    I’ve shared on my Facebook wall.

  57. livliv715 says:

    Shared on facebook and am following on twitter!

  58. tamaralpb says:

    Shared on facebook!

  59. cm@ck says:

    Okay…shared and ready to win!!

  60. ogram.2 says:

    Posted on FB…..

  61. maguire22 says:

    Shared on facebook!

  62. compagnonibren says:

    When too tired to cook my husband always has an Amy’s pizza in the freezer for food emergencies. Shared on facebook

  63. LovelyLagomorphLover says:

    Shared in an instant on Facebook! Thank goodness for Amy’s dairy-free products making vegans happy every where! ; )

  64. buddhaburger says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  65. gypsyturtle67 says:

    I love Amy’s products. Shared!

  66. abearrows says:

    Shared! I’ve never had amy’s pizza before but I know they’re a great company! Way to get the word out about vegan food! YUM!

  67. cececatay says:

    shared on my facebook page!

  68. coercus says:

    Shared and hopeful !

  69. annie says:

    Just shared on Facebook

  70. HappyTigerlily says:

    I shared the contest on my Facebook page! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  71. ajh532 says:

    I’ve shared on my FB account. Thanks so much; I love Amy’s pizza. Well, I love all of the Amy’s foods that I’ve tried.

  72. nlimonh says:

    I’ve shared on my FB account!
    Thanks for the chance, I love Amy’s foods!!

  73. piyayo says:

    Just shared on my FB page!!

  74. Dana says:

    I have shared on my facebook page.

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