LOVE LIFE. VEGAN. Organic Cotton Yummy Plants T-Shirt!

Win a brand new LOVE LIFE. VEGAN.TM organic cotton v-neck Yummy Plants T-shirt!

You’ll love this joyful shirt featuring fruits, veggies and adorable animals!
Made from 100% organic cotton so you’ll keep pesticides out of the landfills :)
Shirts run small. Consider sizing up.

Official rules: Enter to win by leaving a comment on this story. Tell us why you’d like to win the shirt :) Enter by Sunday, 6/21/15 12:00 midnight PST. Winners will be notified by email. Good luck!

For more product and size info, visit the online shop at:

The shirt comes in a black unisex tee too!













7 Responses to “LOVE LIFE. VEGAN. Organic Cotton Yummy Plants T-Shirt!”

  1. Maribeth says:

    I just met a wonderful young woman on the brink of becoming vegan after years of becoming more and more aware of the ethical implications of eating animals. In the past year she watched Earthlings and read Eating Animals and has entered into struggles with friends and family over the importance of not eating animals – she can’t believe that they aren’t as passionate about this issue as she is. She is a beautiful woman inside and out, with a magnetic personality, and will ultimately be influential to help change others to a compassionate life. We met on a lark a few weeks ago and I have become a mentor for her of sorts (I’m 25 years vegan). She is an actress and a model and will look stunning in this shirt. Her husband saw me wearing MY purple Yummy Plants T-Shirt (I got it at last year’s veg summerfest) and he said it would be perfect for her. If you give the free shirt to me (for her) then I’ll send you a photo of us both wearing our shirts!!!! Thanks for considering me!!! :-)

  2. retta532 says:

    I couldn’t wait for the contest. I bought two.

  3. lnzg says:

    I’d like to win this shirt because wearing vegan shirts is an awesome way to spread the vegan message!

  4. The Vegan Batgirl says:

    I’ll be celebrating my one year of no meat and eight months of veganism soon. And it’s almost my birthday! :)

  5. nataschau says:

    I’d love this because today marks my 6 month veganiversary! :)

  6. Hellishnoob says:

    I’d gift it to my vegan girlfriend. If I had one. But I’m working on it.

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