Vegans Around the World: Vegan Restaurants in Germany

Christian Vagedes, a founder of the Vegan Society of Germany (Vegane Gesellschaft Deutschland) and the author of the recently published Veg Up.  The Veganization of the World (Veg Up.  Die Veganisierung der Welt), has provided us with a list of some of his favorite vegan restaurants.  Berlin is the hot spot for vegan cuisine in Germany!

There are 600,000 vegans living in Germany. Read more about the vegan community in Germany!  


Vegan Restaurants in Germany:

Café Vux:  Wonderful cakes and tortes.  Terrific Sunday brunch.
Gorilla Natuerlich:  Organic fast food, with 5 Berlin locations.
La Mano Verde:  Elegant vegan dining.
Lucky Leek: Delightful cuisine.  Generous Sunday brunch.
Vego Foodworld: Wraps, pizza, veggie burgers.
Viasko Bar and Restaurant:  Gyros, panini, wonderful desserts.
Yellow Sunshine:  Vegan version of the Berlin staple, currywurst! Veggie burgers, vegan cappuccinos. 


Veganbar: Mostly seitan cuisine. Mobile stand on the Ökomarkt.
Vegefarm:  Vegan-friendly vegetarian.  Creative soy-based entrees. 


Signor Verde:  Vegan milk and coffee bar.

Cakes n Treats: Vegan cafe.  Cupcakes, crepes, waffles, shakes. Veggie burgers, salads. Bakery.

Restaurant Leaf:  German, international, and Asian food. 


Nirvana: Vegan pub.  Fast food, sandwiches, desserts. 


Zest:  Vegetarian. Fried tofu strips with mushrooms, veggie loaf, vegan ice cream. 


Max Pett:  Vegan German cuisine.  Alcohol-free wines and champagne. 


Coox and Candy:  Vegan German and international cuisine.  Fabulous desserts.

For more information on vegan restaurants in Germany, try these websites.

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