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Vegan Travel

Learn about vegans all around the world. Share super cool adventures for vegan travelers in the US and abroad!

Vegan Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Welcome to a magical world surrounded by the sea, protected by the moai, the giant watcher heads who guard the inhabitants of Rapa Nui. I visited Easter Island as part of my bucket list and I am so grateful that I did. It was a special time of oneness with nature and developing new friendships with [...]

Vegan Travel at The Stanford Inn!

  Vegan travelers rejoice, there’s an all vegan eco-resort in Mendocino, CA! Just a few hundred miles north of San Francisco and a scenic 3-hour drive up the coast, The Stanford Inn awaits.   This Stanford Inn was founded in 1980 by husband and wife Jeff and Joan Stanford. Their mission is to “excite their [...]

Vegan Berlin – Lots to Eat!

    Hallo from Berlin, Germany, the vegan capital of Europe! I’ve been in Berlin now for several days. I’ve met some fabulous people and enjoyed absolutely wonderful vegan food. Seriously, the German people have been some of the kindest, most helpful people I have encountered anywhere in the world. Super nett! Before I arrived, [...]

The Vegan Street Fair

The Vegan Street Fair, the brain child of founders Jessica Schoech and her husband Kenny, debuted in Los Angeles with 46 vendors offering scrumptious vegan bites. A mixture of vegan-only and vegan-friendly vendors was an intentional aspect of organizing the fair for Jessica. Says Jessica, “Overwhelmingly, the response from vegan-friendly vendors was excitement at the opportunity [...]

Vegan Sydney – A Vegan’s Guide for Tourists

  G’day and welcome to Sydney! Despite Australia’s reputation abroad as being all about Fosters Beer, wrestling crocodiles and ‘throwing shrimps on the Barbie,” Sydney is a surprisingly Vegan friendly city.  Sydneysiders are generally a very friendly and accommodating bunch.  You’ll find that many have an interest in health and environmental issues and a compassion [...]

Travel to Antarctica, the White Continent!

By Rebecca Gilbert Join me in a vegan adventure to Antarctica!  What images spring to mind when you hear the majestic word “Antarctica,” the rarely visited White Continent?  Ancient? Awe-inspiring? Avalanches?  All of these words inspired me to visit this pristine and exotic land.  (And yes, I was lucky enough to experience a thundering, rumbling, [...]

Paris Vegan Day Celebration Has Begun!

  Paris Vegan Day weekend has begun!  The “City of Light” kicked off Paris Vegan Day with a pre-party and the French premiere of the film Vegucated.  There were vegan treats and bubbly for all courtesy of Deborah Pivain and the team from the Gentle Gourmet Cafe. Check out the spread on the Eiffel Tower [...]

A Vegan Guide to Los Angeles

  If you’re visiting Los Angeles, besides an abundance of sunshine, you’ll have no problem finding amazing vegan options in the City of Angels because even omnivore restaurants have superb plant-based meals. As a LA resident, there are so many vegan restaurants here that it’s hard to narrow down the must-eats, but these are my [...]

Vegan in Napa, CA!

It’s easy to be a vegan in Napa, CA!  There are several good options for vegan food in Napa at the Oxbow Public Market.  Eat vegan at the market or stock up on provisions for your day tour at the wineries.  Either way, there is lots of yummy vegan food in Napa!  And the O’Brien [...]

La vie végétalienne à Los Angeles

  Fabien partage ses conseils sur la vie végétalienne à Los Angeles! For our French-speaking friends, Fabien shares his tips about vegan life in LA!  

Turistas Veganos: Consejo para Explorar La Vida Vegana en LA

  Jordi Quesada comparte sus consejos de cosas a hacer y sitios dónde ir a comer para los turistas veganos que quieren explorar la vida vegana en Los Angeles! For our  Spanish-speaking friends around the world who would like to visit LA, Jordi Quesada shares his advice about things to do and places to eat [...]

Vegan Foods in Europe: Rebecca’s Recap from Paris & Malta

By Rebecca Gilbert I crossed the pond to scope out the vegan scene in Paris and Malta.  Wow!  It was exciting to find many popular vegan restaurants and widely available vegan foods in French supermarkets like Monoprix and Carrefour. Vegan Cuisine in Paris If you’re traveling to Paris, put these vegan/vegetarian restaurants on your map.  [...]

Vegan Travel to Antarctica!

Have you dreamed about seeing the icebergs of Antarctica? Communing with the whales? Visiting all 7 continents? Come join us on a vegan-friendly voyage to Antarctica!

Vegan Cruise to the Caribbean: Holistic Holiday at Sea

Looking for a Spring getaway with your favorite vegan? Join fellow vegan travelers to sail the Caribbean and celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Holistic Holiday at Sea! The cruise will be from March 2-9, 2013 and is co-sponsored by VegNews Magazine. Call 866-601-1923 to register. Mention you’re from the Yummy Plants community to get $50 of on-board credit towards bookstore purchases and/ or private consultations!

Vegan Paris: A Beginner’s Guide to la Ville Lumière

Explore Vegan Paris with Aurelia d’Andrea, author of An American (Vegan) in Paris!
Photo credit: Sophia Pagan

Vegans Around the World: Vegan Tourists in Paris

Deborah Pivain, founder of Paris Vegan Day and the Gentle Gourmet Cafe, Shares Tips for Vegan Tourists in Paris!

Dr. Fuhrman’s 2012 Health Getaway

Do you enjoy reading the health tips that world renowned nutritarian Dr. Joel Fuhrman shares with the Yummy Plants community? Imagine a whole week of classes and seminars with Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Health Getaway at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island, FL from August 19 – 25! The getaway is designed to teach participants how to live a healthy lifestyle and provide tools to continue living a healthy, nutritarian lifestyle upon re-entry at home.

Good News for Vegan Travelers: Colombia World Offers Vegan-Friendly Eco-Adventures!

Are you a vegan traveler looking for an eco-adventure vacation? Cartagena…hot springs…colonial towns… beaches and jungles, Colombia World offers a variety of all-inclusive vacation packages for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free travelers!

Holistic Holiday at Sea – A Voyage to Well-Being

As the weather on the east coast is getting colder, it’s fun to think about sunny beaches and warm ocean breezes… and we discovered a fabulous opportunity to relax and rejuvenate this spring. Have you heard about Holiday at Sea?
It’s a week long cruise designed to promote health, education, and most importantly, relaxation. The vegan vacation stops in beautiful ports of the Carribbean and features lectures, workshops and lessons presented by some of the biggest names in plant-based diets and health!

Travel the World Vegan-Style with The Healthy Voyager!

The Healthy Voyager is a web, radio, and TV series that shows us how easy (and fun) it is to follow a plant-based life at home and abroad. Created by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton in 2006, The Healthy Voyager offers travel tips, healthy lifestyle tips, product reviews, and recipes!