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Our vegan-friendly restaurant section lists restaurants where you can get a vegan entree. We only list restaurants that we have visited or our community members have submitted, where we can promise that can eat more than just a salad. Please keep checking back: the Yummy Plants team and our community members are adding new vegan-friendly restaurants all the time. If you don’t see your favorite vegan-friendly restaurant listed, please use this link to share your favorites with the community! http://yummyplants.com/submit-a-restaurant/

Note: All of the restaurants that we list are vegan-friendly. Some are 100% vegan restaurants and are listed as 100% vegan in the description. Most of the restaurants in our list serve vegan and non-vegan food options.

Juicy Jones

shared by Julia
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Juicy Jones

Juicy Jones is an excellent vegan restaurant, not just for its food, but for its location too. It’s based in the center of Barcelona, so if you are hungry and you don’t know where to go, don’t start looking for faraway vegan restaurants outside the city, go to Juicy Jones! In addition the personnel is [...]

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