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My Stories

My Stories

The Inspired Cookie: How to Change the World… One Yummy Treat at a Time

The Inspired Cookie is a vegan, gluten-free baked goods company founded three ago by Sarah Gill in San Francisco, CA. Sarah inspired us at Yummy Plants with her cookies, her brownies, and her story. If you can’t find her super yummy treats at a store near you, they’re available online. And if you’re in love with these treats like we are, maybe ask your local cafes and retailers to begin carrying them!

Interview with Karen Knowler, Author of Raw Food Made Simple

We discovered The Raw Food Coach, Karen Knowler, and fell in love with her easy-to-follow style when we found her You Tube video showing us how to make almond milk. We are very excited to be part of Karen’s virtual book tour to help promote her new book: Raw Food Made Simple. Read our interview with Karen and learn why she transitioned to raw foods.

Pittsburgh Public Market, We’re So Glad You’re Here!

Yummy Plants is grateful to Neighbors in the Strip for bringing a public market back to Pittsburgh! More than 40 years after the closure of the last public market on the North Side, the Pittsburgh Public Market opened last September in the Strip. It took a lot of hard work and dedicated individuals to make this locavore haven a reality. We’re excited to bring you the story of the Pittsburgh Public Market as this month’s feature story. Here’s why you should go and visit…

We Learn from Each Other

Hi everyone! It’s Rebecca here… I founded the Yummy Plants community two years ago to help make the “transition to vegan” path easier for everyone else to follow.  We definitely do learn from each other, so let’s share our experiences.  If you find a great bacon substitute or a super delish dessert, let us know.  Yum! Are there any [...]