Travel the World Vegan-Style with The Healthy Voyager!


The Healthy Voyager is a web, radio, and TV series that shows us how easy (and fun) it is to follow a plant-based life at home and abroad.  Created by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton in 2006, The Healthy Voyager offers travel tips, healthy lifestyle tips, product reviews, and recipes.


Carolyn’s own vegan voyage began in April 1999 when she read a book called Fit for Life.  “The ideas and concepts made so much sense to me that the day I finished the book, I went vegan and never looked back!” she said.

The Healthy Voyager website has tools to make life easier for anyone following a special diet.

When asked what she would like to share with the Yummy Plants community, Carolyn said, “Don’t let your dietary restrictions hold you back from seeing the world!”  And Carolyn can help us do that.  Healthy Voyager Tours provides vegan travel tours — which include cooking classes for the local exotic cuisine!  Machu Picchu, Kenya, and India are in the lineup for 2012.

The Healthy Voyager teaches participants strategies for healthy living.    For people who can’t participate in a Healthy Voyager Tour, Carolyn shares her favorite international vegan and gluten-free dishes in The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen This new cookbook “veganizes” our favorite dishes from Europe, Asia, and South America. Carolyn has shared her super yummy vegan recipes for Vegan Alfajores from Argentina and Joe’s Un-Clams Casino from the US!

The Healthy Voyager TV series is set to launch next year.  You can watch past episodes on the site!

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton has changed the world of vegan travel.   Her enthusiasm and passion for healthy travel have opened doorways to the world for people on restricted diets.  When asked what advice she would give to other vegan entrepreneurs, Carolyn replied, “Just do it! If you love something, don’t let anything stop you from getting it rolling. And the best way to grow is to keep going, even when you feel discouraged. If you believe in your idea, others will too!”

Carolyn, thank you for removing dietary obstacles and making it easy for vegans to see the world.  We hope to travel with The Healthy Voyager one day!

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