Good News for Vegan Travelers: Colombia World Offers Vegan-Friendly Eco-Adventures!

Are you a vegan traveler looking for an eco-adventure vacation?  Cartagena…hot springs…colonial towns… beaches and jungles, Colombia World offers a variety of all-inclusive vacation packages for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free travelers!


Colombia World is committed to Ecotourism and Sustainable tourism.  The company strives to provide “travel with a culturally sensitive philosophy and respect for local values, customs, and environment, that attempts to minimize negative environmental and social impacts, while generating economic benefits for local people.”


Colombia World also follows the principles suggested by The International Eco-Tourism Society (TIES):

  • Minimize impact
  • Travel to destination where flora, fauna, and cultural heritage are the primary attractions
  • Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect, and a greater appreciation for our natural habitats
  • Promote personal growth and environmental responsibility
  • Promote sustainable use of biodiversity
  • Discourage mass tourism, mass constructions of hotels, tourism resorts and mass activities in fragile areas
  • Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts

We were really excited to learn about their ten different vegan-friendly vacation packages.

The “Discover Cartagena” tour walks back in time to explore the historic colonial port city. The “Hot Springs and Snow” package offers the relaxation and benefits of a natural “spa” as you enjoy warm streams and natural hot spring baths in the snow-capped mountains! The “Shot of Coffee” package explores Colombia’s coffee culture, while the “Beaches and Jungle” package is a more traditional beach vacation.  After reading about these options, we think it’s time for a vacation!

Colombia World is a special agency.   Their tours are small, they promote recycling and composting of waste on the tours, and they participate in activities that foster meaningful interactions with local people.  We can’t wait to check out one of their tours!

Visit Colombia World’s website for more information on dining options, reservations, and additional tours!

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