Vegan Recipe - Raw Vegetable and Herbed Cashew Napoleons

shared by Chef Elizabeth Schandelmeier Gilgunn
  • Vegan Recipe - Raw Vegetable and Herbed Cashew Napoleons

    • Prep Time : 30 minutes
    • Cook Time : 1 minute
    • Servings : 20 bite-sized appetizers
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    This amazing raw vegan recipe was created by Chef Elizabeth Schandelmeier Gilgunn of Slow Cooked Pittsburgh.  It’s beautiful and delicious, and the Napoleons are the perfect size for party snacks.  It takes a bit of planning, since you may want to soak the nuts overnight, but it is worth it!


    For the cashew spread:
    1/2 cup raw cashews (soaked in cool water overnight)
    1 Tbs. each minced fresh herbs (I used marjoram, chives and thyme)
    2 cloves minced garlic
    Mineral rich salt (to taste)

    Your choice!
    I used:
    2 carrots
    2 red peppers
    2 yellow peppers


    For the cashew spread:
    Rinse and drain cashews, shake dry. Put all ingredients in a food processor and pulse until creamy. Use as is or strain through cheesecloth for a more dry and smooth texture.

    For the Napoleons:
    Peel carrots and slice thinly, cut to uniform size. Fillet peppers and cut to size, matching carrots. The easiest way to slice most vegetables thinly and consistently is to use a mandolin, however pepper fillets are best done by hand using a good sharp chef's knife.

    To assemble:
    Use your firmest vegetable as the base (in this case, carrot). Place a pea-sized dollop of cashew spread in the center of the base and stack vegetables, alternating each layer with cashew spread.

    Let us know what you think of this easy vegan recipe: Raw Vegetable and Herbed Cashew Napoleons!

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