Vegan Meal Delivery Service in Southern CA from Vegin’ Out!

We have some great news for folks who are living or visiting Southern California: Vegin’ Out delivers vegan meals to the Southern California area one week at a time.  (No long-term contracts required!)  


Vegin’ Out delivers vegan meals prepared with fresh ingredients that are on average 75% organic.   A week’s worth of meals are delivered on Mondays, providing healthy, convenient food options for people on the go.  The weekly menu, including photos and an ingredient list, is posted on and orders must be placed by 5pm PST on Friday to guarantee Monday delivery.

The delivery area covers a wide radius in southern California: as far north as the Pacific Palisades, as far south as Northern Long Beach, and east to Pasadena and the San Fernando Valley.  Deliveries within the LA area are made on Mondays between 11am and 5pm.  For more details about their shipping and rates, check out the FAQ section on the Vegin’ Out website.  They also ship via Fed Ex to all of Southern CA, including San Diego, Santa Barbara and Palm Springs. Fed Ex orders carry an additional charge and are delivered on Tuesdays by the end of  the day.

Vegin’ Out has made it easy for singles and families to enjoy their service.   Customers  can order either single or double portions.  Within the normal delivery radius, Single orders cost $117 and contain 8 dishes: 3- 24 oz. entrees, 4 -16 oz. side dishes, 1- 32 oz. soup, and 5 vegan cookies.  The double order gives you twice the treats, with a 10% discount, and the cost is $215.  Extra mains and sides can also be ordered a la carte.  For Fed Ex orders, the total price for a single order is $135.00.

How did this fabulous vegan meal delivery service begin?  Vegin’ Out was created by nutritional chef Tim Boissy who has been active in the health food industry since becoming a vegan in 1986.  Tim’s idea was to give customers all their meals for the week, and to offer more freedom and affordability than other delivery services (ie. no contract).  Vegin’ Out’s Executive Chef is east coast native Brian Patton, author of the The Sexy Vegan Cookbook.

Next time we have a busy week in SoCal, we know we won’t have to worry about cooking!

Chef Brian has graciously shared a quick and easy vegan recipe for Garden Bulgar with the Yummy Plants community.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s super yummy recipe to keep on hand in the fridge.  Enjoy!


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