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GTECH Helps Turn Your Waste Cooking Oil into Fuel!


Waste cooking oil can be a problem and a pollutant.  Unless it is disposed of properly, waste cooking oil clogs sewer pipes and damages water systems.  However, it can be a solution to pollution when the oil is filtered and reused as fuel.

GTECH Strategies, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit dedicated to community revitalization, has partnered with Fossil Free Fuel to recycle waste vegetable oil.  The new initiate, dubbed ReFuel Pgh, collects waste vegetable oil from restaurants and individuals to reuse as an alternative fuel for diesel engines which have been converted to run on Straight Vegetable Oil.  Every gallon of oil collected and used as fuel reduces air pollution and climate change emissions by 80%.

Watch for ReFuel Pgh’s “Give Up Your Oil for Lent” campaign.   ReFuel Pgh is gearing up for a massive oil collection during the upcoming Lenten season. In addition to the regular public drop-offs and restaurant services, ReFuel Pgh will also collect oil from local churches.

Currently there are two used-oil drop-off bin sites in Pittsburgh:  Whole Foods Market in East Liberty and the GTECH office at Construction Junction in Point Breeze.

Individuals can bring their non-hydrogenated vegetable oil to the two drop-off locations as long as the oil does not contain water, soap, or large scraps of food.  The oil must be stored in a non-breakable container with a tight-fitting lid.  Instructions for proper home collection can be found on the ReFuel Pgh website at:  www.refuelpgh.org.

Restaurants and churches with large amounts of waste vegetable oil can schedule a pick-up by contacting the ReFuel Pgh Program Manager, Lauren Seiple.

Other communities which are interested in starting their own waste vegetable oil recycling project might want to contact www.refuelpgh.org. or http://gtechstrategies.org for information and suggestions.

Thank you, GTECH, for helping to make Pittsburgh an even more livable city!


2 Responses to “GTECH Helps Turn Your Waste Cooking Oil into Fuel!”

  1. Renu says:

    Is there a branch in NJ?


    • Lauren says:

      ReFuel Pgh is currently only a program available in Pittsburgh, PA. However for those of you in other areas looking for a place to recycle your used cooking oil, check out Vegoilrecycle.com. You can also do a search using the keyword “cooking oil” on Earth911.com

      -Lauren Seiple, ReFuel Pgh

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