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Going Vegan with Ellen


We’ve found a terrific resource by vegan celebrity Ellen DeGeneres.  Ellen has launched a vegan lifestyle section on her website entitled “Going Vegan With Ellen.” The website includes recipes, tips, and more! 



The vegan lifestyle is becoming a trend among celebrities.  Ellen DeGeneres recently launched “Going Vegan with Ellen” on her EllenTV.com website.  “There’s no wrong way to become a vegan,” she asserts.  Ellen’s answers to the question “Why go vegan?” are simple and straightforward:  (1) Do it for the planet (sustainable living), (2) do it for the animals, and (3) do it for yourself (health benefits galore)!

The informative site features vegan recipes – “everything from dinner to dessert” – created by well-known chefs such as Kathy Freston and Tal Ronnen.  Ellen offers educational resources (books, movies, guides), cooking and nutritional information, a blog, and advice from vegan celebrities such as Carrie Underwood, President Bill Clinton, Russell Simmons, Carrie Anne Moss, and Woody Harrelson (who became a vegan when he was 24).

Ellen’s site is easy, breezy, and fun.  It’s a great place to learn more about a vegan diet.

Contributed by Staff Writer Keith Campbell

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