Dairy-free Chocolate Cream Pie with “Live” Crust – YUM!

I was experimenting tonight with dairy-free desserts for holiday time.  I think I found a winner!

With its “live” crust of dates, soaked macadamia nuts and almonds, this dairy-free chocolate pie recipe is actually nutritious as well as delicious. The chocolate filling is made with extra-firm silken tofu and 56% dark cacao dairy-free chocolate.

I’m planning to bring it to a friend’s home tomorrow for a party.  If it passes the test and is kid approved, I’ll report back.

Hmmm… full of nuts and tofu, I think this chocolate pie is my favorite new way to get protein!

4 Responses to “Dairy-free Chocolate Cream Pie with “Live” Crust – YUM!”

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  2. Mike says:

    Where is the recipe?

  3. admin says:

    Follow up: I did bring this dessert to a party where I was the only one following a plant-based diet, and there wasn’t a speck of pie left on anyone’s plate! This dessert is definitely party tested and approved :)

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