Locavore Options: Community Supported Agriculture Programs and Farmers’ Markets

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What is a CSA program and how does it work?


When you join a CSA program, or Community Supported Agriculture program, you essentially purchase a “share” of the upcoming harvest.  You’ll receive a box of fresh produce each week.  You can usually buy a whole share or a half share, depending on the number of people in your household.

The farmer and the success of the harvest determine what items arrive in your weekly box, so joining a CSA is a great opportunity to try new vegetables and experiment with recipes.  Each week is a surprise!

There is an excellent site called Local Harvest where you can type in your zip code and learn more about the CSA options near you.

If you decide that you really want fresh produce but you’d like more control over the quantity and variety of vegetables you purchase each week, then a farmers’ market may be a better choice.  Farmers’ markets offer fresh, locally grown seasonal produce and you’ll typically see many more varieties of fruits and vegetables than you’ll see at your local grocery store.  Our local organic market had about 20 different kinds of tomatoes last summer!  Local Harvest also gives you the option to type in your zip code and find the farmers’ markets in your area.

If you’re still looking for more information about the best choices for you to take care of yourself and your family, Local Harvest has a good forum related to food and agricultural politics.



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