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Vegan friendly restaurant
Zenith Vegetarian Cafe - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

shared by Rebecca
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Zenith is part art gallery, part vintage clothing shop, part antique store and a 100% unique dining experience. All of the food is prepared vegan and they offer the option to add dairy to their dishes.  Their menu changes weekly and they always have interesting options.  Specials at the time of this post were: homemade black bean burgers, roasted red pepper wrap and the Moroccan stew - super yum!  They also have a great vegan brunch on Sundays.

Let us know what you think about this awesome vegan friendly restaurant: Zenith Vegetarian Cafe in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

3 Responses to “Zenith Vegetarian Cafe”

  1. admin says:

    We just updated the description… Zenith is indeed now all vegan, yay! The entire vegetarian menu is prepared without any egg or dairy and patrons can choose to add these items if they desire. Thanks again to Caveman for letting us know!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks Caveman! Wow, that would be exciting! We will call and confirm since their menu changes often. The last time we went, Zenith had some vegetarian and some vegan options, but they may be permanently 100% vegan now. We will find out for sure and change the description as needed. Thanks so much again for bringing this to our attention!

  3. caveman says:

    I went there last week and I remember their menu stating that the food is fully vegan, so I think that part of the description is incorrect. It said items can be added to make it non-vegan if requested (like adding cheese). I enjoy that place.

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