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Vegan friendly restaurant
Six Penn Kitchen - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

shared by lomedhi
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They always have the seitan buffalo wings on the menu (ask for the vegan sauce). And Executive Chef Kevin Klingensmith is super vegan-friendly. Just let your server know that you need a vegan option and Kevin will make sure you have a delicious creation made with fresh, seasonal veggies. We're sure you will love it! Thanks Iomedhi for suggesting Six Penn Kitchen to the community!

Let us know what you think about this awesome vegan friendly restaurant: Six Penn Kitchen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

2 Responses to “Six Penn Kitchen”

  1. Sally says:

    I have eaten at Six Penn numerous times. I have generally been well cared for there but have had a few “bumps” in the road. First – not all the servers are educated (or maybe care) about what vegan means. I had a couple different servers insist that the noodle salad and the falafel dinner are vegan (they are not). So know that the only thing on the menu that is vegan is the seitan wings – if you ask for the vegan sauce (the regular sauce is not vegan).

    Chef Kevin has always delighted my palate with amazing creations. I have encountered some servers who have been relatively unwilling to go to the chef with a vegan request. Also, I have been to the restaurant when Kevin is off, and the resulting dinner, while edible, was not nearly to the quality I’ve come to expect there (basically a bowl of unseasoned seitan and tofu chunks with mixed sauteed vegetables).

    Even with these bumps in the road, this place is defintely worth a trip – just be aware that not all the servers will be particularly helpful – you may have to insist a bit that the chef be informed.

  2. Rebecca says:

    We went tonight and had a completely FABULOUS meal. We had stewed tomatoes with garlic panko, seitan barley (super YUM!) and grilled peppers with marinated mushrooms. WOW! We felt really taken care of. They were super friendly and respectful of dietary restrictions. I highly recommend this restaurant for everyone. Double Yum :) Thanks Chef Kevin!

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