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Vegan friendly restaurant
Salt of the Earth - Pittsburgh, PA

shared by Rebecca
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Salt of the Earth, or more lovingly referred to as NACL by local Pittsburghers, is a great vegan-friendly restaurant in Pittsburgh.  It's Chef Kevin Sousa's first restaurant and we're lucky to have it right here in Pittsburgh!  Their menu rotates frequently to use fresh, local ingredients and they always have several vegan entrees on the menu.  The dishes are creative, inspired and super delish!  Big bonus: the servers are extremely knowledgeable.  If you're looking for a local restaurant with a good vibe that has both vegan and omnivore dishes, NACL is a great Pittsburgh vegan-friendly restaurant choice.

Let us know what you think about this awesome vegan friendly restaurant: Salt of the Earth in Pittsburgh, PA.

2 Responses to “Salt of the Earth”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi Rachel, I’m honestly not sure about their entire menu, but I do know for sure that they have a bunch of super yummy vegan options. I had the seitan baguette – which was totally amazing! You might want to give them a call if you have specific questions about their menu.

  2. Rachel says:

    I’ve been hesitant about trying this place because I heard they serve thymus glands of some animal(??) If that’s not true, I’d like to know and then I’d be more comfortable giving it a try. It’s nice to go to a new restaurant where the servers really know what vegan means.

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