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Vegan friendly restaurant
Lotus Chaat - San Rafael, California

shared by Alex
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Lotus Chaat and Spices is the North Bay’s only destination for the delicious snack foods of India: dishes that will not only nourish you but also tingle your tongue and provoke your palate with a kaleidoscope of flavors, textures and spices.

At Lotus Chaat, most of our dishes are vegan and gluten-free (all of our dishes are vegetarian). We use organic ingredients as much as possible.

Indian chaat are among the world’s most interesting snacks. In India they originated as street foods in the Uttar Pradesh region. Today they’ve become so popular, they’re sold throughout the Indian sub-continent as well in Southeast Asia.

Most chaat are based on dough made from a variety of flours. Depending on the type, they’re either deep-fried, baked or steamed. They can be stuffed or topped with a variety of fillings that range from potatoes, beans and chick peas to assorted vegetables, even other grains.

**We also sell frozen and prepared foods in our store, imported from some of India’s most renowned food producers. After your meal, come browse our exceptional selection and take home some new tasty treats.

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