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Vegan friendly restaurant
Kaya - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

shared by OrganiKooK
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I have been to Kaya on a few special occasions, since I am on a tight budget. However, if I was to choose a fancy restaurant to go to for a special occasion, I would choose Kaya. Often, they even have a vegetarian Prix Fixe. They have vegan options as well. A mouth watering multi-course treat that makes you feel a bit spoiled... ;)

Let us know what you think about this awesome vegan friendly restaurant: Kaya in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

One Response to “Kaya”

  1. luvs2eat says:

    Yes, I think Kaya is a nice place to pop into. I had the Jamaican Green Curry Vegetables and that was really good. They actually have 4 vegan entrees which is a nice option. I have been to the monthly Vegan tasting night which is a tad pricey but, always delicious. Kaya is in the Strip and sometime parking can be a challenge when it gets busy but, is manageable. Thank you again to the Big Burrito Group for having vegan options in all of their restaurants.

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