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Vegan friendly restaurant
G-Zen - Branford , Connecticut

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Amazing Vegan and Veg dishes, wonderful sides. Elegantly plated and served. Lovely setting. Organic wine and beer. Fabulous desserts!

Let us know what you think about this awesome vegan friendly restaurant: G-Zen in Branford , Connecticut.

One Response to “G-Zen”

  1. sgilb says:

    Delightful food. The servers explain each item on the menu, naming the farms where the food is grown and describing the cooking processes. Not only is dinner at G-Zen a tasty experience, it’s also an educational one.

    The entrees are delicious and the desserts sublime. Try the raw mango cheescake with a nut crust (cashew, I think). The chocolate cake was fabulous, too. :-))

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