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Vegan friendly restaurant
Earth Friends Cafe - Louisville, Kentucky

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This is a tory of doing what you love!  The owner is vegan and gluten intolerant.  Her friends loved the foods she fed them and encouraged her to start a restaurant.  She did, in New Albany, IN.

The local library encouraged her to open a small cafe in their downtown branch.  She did.  She has begun construction of one in downtown Louisville this week.  And she is looking for a Highlands (Louisville) location.   The food is fantastic and they have lots of vegan options.  They are committed to vegan values of respect for animals and people.

The owner is also a mom and being able to be a working mom is very important to her.  The restaurant closes at 3PM so she can be home with her daughter.  She has superb staff and wonderful service.

Let us know what you think about this awesome vegan friendly restaurant: Earth Friends Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky.

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