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Vegan friendly restaurant
Double Wide Grill - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

shared by Rebecca
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The Double Wide Grill is a vegan-friendly gem in Pittsburgh. They have lots of vegan options including tofu, homemade seitan, portabella mushrooms, and a diverse selection of vegetables. They even have a separate fryer for their deep-fried vegan items and the vegan wood-grilled items are prepared on a separate elevated section of their grill... can you believe it???! Next time you're on the south side of Pittsburgh, definitely check them out.  Let us know your favorite dishes!

Let us know what you think about this awesome vegan friendly restaurant: Double Wide Grill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

3 Responses to “Double Wide Grill”

  1. Valerie says:

    I wanted to like this place so badly, but I’ve given them two chances and will probably not give a third. Both times, the food was disappointing, and the service was TERRIBLE. Like, had to get up and find a pitcher of water to refill my glass after not seeing the server for 20 minutes terrible. I have to give them credit for offering several vegetarian and vegan options, though!

  2. OrganiKooK says:

    I don’t get out to eat a lot, but I return here whenever I can. I have yet to find a dish that I don’t love!

  3. admin says:

    Double wide really is amazing! I went on Friday and ordered the seitan wings with BBQ sauce – wow – super YUM!!! Also a big fan of the coconut tofu :) It was great to see that the entire back page of the menu was all vegetarian and vegan options… yay! I must go back to try some more entrees… soon!

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