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I Healed Chronic Joint Pain with a Vegan Diet!

I’m Rebecca Gilbert, the founder of Yummy Plants and the author of It’s Easy to Start Eating Vegan.  My life profoundly changed by shifting to a plant-based diet.  My body actually healed!  If you know anyone who is suffering from chronic joint pain, please send them this story. I wish someone had told me earlier about the health benefits of a vegan diet!





I had my first experience with a plant-based diet, or vegan diet, back in 1998.  I had been a very serious competitive ice skater, able to do the fancy jumps and spins you see on TV. (Yes, it really is that cool to fly through the air!) And when I was in college, I had a mysterious knee injury that left me unable to walk very well, let alone to skate.  I hadn’t fallen, yet my knees were very swollen and unbelievably painful.

I tried all of the solutions that western medicine had to offer: surgery, physical therapy, cortisone, electrical stimulation… everything. But nothing worked. It was so frustrating!

I was searching for anything that might help me.  After typing in “chronic joint pain” on an internet search, I found a Scandinavian study which concluded that a vegan diet could reduce chronic joint pain.  It was so long ago now, and the details are a bit fuzzy, but I remember that the experimental group ate a completely vegan diet for six months and reported a significant decrease in their knee pain. I had no idea if a vegan diet would work for me, but I really wanted to skate again and I was willing to try. 

The next day, I gave all of my meat and dairy food to a neighbor and stocked my home with soy milk, rice cheese, grains, beans and veggies.  Holding my dreams in my heart, with a vision of leaping once again on a glassy sheet of ice, I embraced a plant-based diet and started eating vegan!

As with any new venture, the beginning was challenging… but not impossible.  I navigated new ways of cooking and learned to make delicious meals as I began to learn what vegans eat. After several weeks, I noticed that I was moving around more more easily. The pain steadily lessened.  I was amazed! After about a month I could handle stairs again and begin to get back on the ice!

At the end of the six-month experiment, I was amazed that I could not only easily handle stairs and high heels, but that I could also skate and dance again… pain-free! Changing my diet absolutely changed my health.

I am definitely NOT a physician. I have spoken with physicians who shared that casein, the protein in dairy products, may cause an inflammatory response in some people, and that can show up as chronic joint pain. (Wheat can actually do this as well!)

If you are suffering from chronic joint pain, you may to consult your physician and consider trying a vegan diet to see how you feel.  I hope you feel fabulous!

I have two short videos that were made after I switched to a vegan diet.  For me, it is such a gift that I could get back on the ice and skate again. I give thanks each and every time that I skate. Skating fills me with such gratitude and joy!

Note: I came to a vegan diet originally for the health benefits.  I’ve stayed vegan all of these years as a compassionate choice.  Until I stopped eating animals and participating in the big agribusiness channel of egg and dairy production, I didn’t even think about what I was eating or doing.  Once I stopped eating animals for health reasons, I became passionate about not eating them for emotional reasons as well.  I believe animals are friends, not food. I’m so grateful for all the circumstances that led me to shift my dietary choices!



7 Responses to “I Healed Chronic Joint Pain with a Vegan Diet!”

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  2. Rebecca says:

    Awwww… Suz, a comment like that makes it worth all the hard work to keep the site running <3! You are very welcome! I'm so glad that you're finding the Yummy Plants site to be helpful.

  3. suz says:

    wow!!!!!!!!! how cool is that!! lovely skating, Rebecca… thanks sooo much for this blog, website, etc..

  4. PeaceNowKY says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have been vegan and wheat-free for almost a year. I am in my mid-60s and have very little pain. And I have lost nearly 50 pounds, which is a wonderful bonus.
    To all who say they love food too much to change….. try it for a 6 months and see if you feel better. Then check back with us!

  5. Beyond Willpower says:

    Just read this, wanted to say that’s great for you! I had a similar experience with gluten, it helped my ankle pain, I have fibromyalgia, physical therapy is helping, but the gluten free thing REALLY helped my joint pain. It used to feel like I was walking around on broken ankles. :(

    It helped a bunch of other stuff too. I don’t remember who said this, but “if eating the wrong foods is the problem, why couldn’t eating the right foods be the solution?”


  6. HI Rebecca,

    I was so happy to have Eliot return home flashing your card at me. He knows what gets me excited.
    What a great idea, it looks as though we’re on very similar missions in this world! I do it by implementing fruits and vegetables in all of my clients’s gardens, and you do it through shared knowledge based information. I’m looking forward to receiving your emails and possibly getting together sometime soon.


  7. kspisano says:

    love the skates Rebecca!

    love Karen

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