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Vegan Super Bowl Party!

Super Bowl Sunday is just days away, and we have some recipe suggestions for a fabulous vegan Super Bowl party!  Whether you’re tailgating or hosting inside, we’ve got some great snack ideas to enjoy while you watch the big game. 


Super Bowl parties are a night-long affair, so it’s good to have multiple dishes.

If you’re looking for easy vegan recipes, the Yummy Plants recipe section is a great vegan recipe resource.  For a main course, try this quick and easy vegan chili recipe from It’s Easy to Start Eating Vegan. This vegan chili recipe is quick and easy (less than 20 min), and you can make it the night before so you’ll have one less thing to prepare on Super Bowl Sunday.  And chili is a great warm dish for a tailgate too!

Other great vegan super bowl resources include:




Ayinde Howell’s  Quinoa Nachos are a healthy snack that your guests can crunch on throughout the game.  (You can find more of his great recipes on ieatgrass.com).

Enjoy the game!



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