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Plant-Based Diets Are Sprouting!

China Millman reported in the Pitsburgh Post-Gazette that vegetarian and vegan diets are gaining mainstream support.  The shift has been so widespread, that I imagine you’ve seen the changes in your own neighborhoods over the last 12 – 18 months.  In our local Pittsburgh Whole Foods, I’ve seen the shelf space for the vegan prepared foods items triple over the last six months!  I’ve really enjoyed watching the landscape of restaurants and grocery stores change to support the shift towards vegan and raw diet lifestyle choices.

Ms. Millman writes, “While the percentage of the population that strictly follows such diets is small, a growing number of Americans are reducing the amount of meat in their diet to improve their health.”

She also gave a mini-review from the North American Vegetarian Summerfest held in Johnstown from July 5th – 9th, “…private chef and cookbook author Alan Roettinger held a cooking demonstration focused on plant-based protein. Now a vegan, Mr. Roettinger started writing about vegan cooking while he was still an omnivore, so he likes to call these recipes ‘vegan food for an omnivore’s palate.’

Mr. Roettinger avoids processed meat-substitutes and instead relies on whole foods, such as beans, tofu and quinoa. He uses lots of fresh herbs and high-quality spices to add flavor. As Mr. Roettinger pointed out, most Americans get ample protein, so it’s not really essential to include it in every meal, but focusing on a protein source can help make vegetarian cooking (and eating) easier for omnivores.”

It really is exciting to watch the interest in a plant-based diet sprouting up all over the country!

You can read Ms. Millman’s entire article and get one of Mr. Roettinger’s super yummy vegan recipes in the Post-Gazette online.  Thanks Ms. Millman for keeping vegetarian and vegan diets on your radar and for introducing us to Alan Roettinger and his speedy vegan recipes!

By Rebecca Gilbert

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