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Native Foods Cafe

The Native Foods Cafe brand is a chain of restaurants dedicated to bringing healthy, organic, vegan foods to everyone. Their 10 locations, mostly on the West Coast and Chicago, create and serve chef-crafted, vegan, fresh foods every day of the week.


Chef Tanya Petrovna founded Native Foods in 1994.  Her mission is to meet the needs of health-conscious people looking for an easier way to get access to fresh, healthful foods. She switched to a plant-based diet at a young age, and she has used her culinary background to create delicious vegan dishes at her restaurants.

The menu consists of mostly traditional American cuisine with a vegan twist. The appetizers include a range of salads, nachos with homemade corn tortilla chips, sweet potato taquitos, chili cheese fries, wings and other vegan foods. They offer seitan burgers, entree salads, and Earth Bowls, a combination of ingredients all mixed up in a delicious vegan bowl.  Their Sesame Kale Macro Bowl looks amazing!  They even offer a delicious range of desserts.

The Native Foods Cafe offers many free cooking demonstrations to help educate the public on plant-based diets.  Chef Petronva has been featured on The Food Network, and Native Foods has attracted acclaim in Zagat, USA Today and VegNews.

We love restaurant chains that offer consistently fresh and delicious vegan food.  Thanks Native Foods!

Contributed by Staff Writer Keith Campbell

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