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Detroit VegFest Sunday, April 29 from 11am – 5pm hosted by VegMichigan!

Come to the Suburban Collection Showplace on Sunday, April 29th from 11am – 5pm for the annual VegFest hosted by VegMichigan! Taste plant-based foods, watch cooking demos, and hear lectures from prominent figures in the plant-based community. Hope you can make it!

Accidentally Vegan: Peanut Buddy Chewy Granola Bars by Nature’s Path!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is… Peanut Buddy Chewy Granola Bars by Nature’s Path! Say hello to peanut buttery deliciousness without any honey or dairy… yum!

Accidentally Vegan: Dandies Vegan Marshmallows from Chicago Soy Dairy!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is… Dandies! Have you been looking for vegan marshmallows? Are you missing rice krispy treats and smore’s?? Thank you to Chicago Soy Dairy for making Dandies, super yummy vanilla vegan marshmallows! YUM! We’re so glad to be able to make vegan versions of our favorite gooey treats.

Accidentally Vegan: Fratelli Mantova Artichoke Paste!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is….Fratelli Mantova Artichoke Paste! I discovered this super creamy vegan spread while appetizer shopping for a party. It’s imported from Italy and is a yummy spread for breads. I fell in love with this product because: 1) it doesn’t contain any garlic and 2) it achieves a super creamy texture without any parmesan cheese.

Accidentally Vegan: Wolfgang Dark Chocolate Dipped Cranberries!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is…. Wolfgang Dark Chocolate Dipped Cranberries!!! As an added benefit besides the yum factor, World’s Healthiest Foods reports that cranberries are packed with anti-oxidants, help protect against UTIs, and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. I was glad to know about the health benefits of cranberries as I gobbled up these super yummy vegan cordials. Hope you enjoy them!

Plant-Based Diets Are Sprouting!

China Millman reported in the Pitsburgh Post-Gazette that vegetarian and vegan diets are gaining mainstream support.  The shift has been so widespread, that I imagine you’ve seen the changes in your own neighborhoods over the last 12 – 18 months.  In our local Pittsburgh Whole Foods, I’ve seen the shelf space for the vegan prepared [...]